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         Free Software:

                Open Office from Sun - Compatible With MS Office

                Dassault Systems - Draft Sight - 2D CAD

                Siemen's - Solid Edge - 2D CAD

                Convert - Free Unit Conversion Software - 600KB


                Smithy Support Files - Direct File Access

                Cutting Tool Applications Text Book (153 pages) 34MB

                Kennametal Machining Manual (258 pages) 30MB

                US Army - Fundamentals of Machining - 8MB

                Electrochemical Machining 1MB

                How To Use A Lathe 1MB

                Plans: Lathe Milling Attachment 2MB

                Plans: Mini Metal Lathe 1MB

                Gear Engineering 6MB

                FREE Thread Cutting Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet Down Load - Sherline

                FREE On Line - Thread Cutting Calculator - American Machinist Magazine


                ACRYLITE Acrylic Sheet Handbook 500KB

                Drilling Arcylic Sheet 72KB

                Working With Acrylic 18KB

          Buffing & Polishing:

                Buffing & Polishing Booklet 1.3MB

                Polishing Aluminum 160KB

                Polishing Brass 218KB

                Polishing Stainless Steel Arches 172KB

                Polishing Watches 35KB


               Machining Equipment Maintenance (244 pages) 5MB

               Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance (237 pages) 3MB

               US Navy - Machinery Repair - 16MB

               US Army - Welding Theory & Applications - 21MB                






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