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                                 The Great Rust Off

Comparison Test Of Rust & Corrosion "Prevention" Products

                                  Test Photo Log FINAL: 9/10/08

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Test Method: ISO 11474:1998 Accelerated Outdoor SCAB Test.

Test Site: Marine, 150 um/yr., 5.9 mills/yr. (S.F. Bay)

Status: Test started 9/1/08 at 6:00 pm. (RH 32%, 85F)

             Each engraved test plate received a generous application of

             the appropriate rust protection product.

            The test plates were then inclined at the specified 5 degrees.

            The Weatherpruf product stained the plastic table cloth with an

            amber/orange stain and may not be acceptable where staining

            may be a concern. None of the other products caused a stain.

            A light saline spray will be applied to the test plates four times

            per week.

Identification Subsets:

    AeroKroil = AERO-KRL             BoeShield T9 = BOE-T9

    BreakFree CLP = BF-CLP         "Control" = CONTROL

    Corrosion X = COR-X               EEZOX = EEZOX

    Gunk Silicone = GUNK-SIL      Jig-A-Loo = JIG-LOO

    Liquid Wrench = LIQ-WR         Oil / 30 WT = OIL-30

    PB Blaster = PB-BLAST            Prevox = PREVOX

    SiliKroil = SILI-KRL                  Starrett M1 = STAR-M1

    Super Lube = SUP-LUBE         Tri-Flow = TRI-FLOW

    WD-40 = WD-40                        Weatherpruf = W-PRUF

Cold rolled steel test plates were engraved using the Sieg

(Grizzly G0619) Super X3 mill with CNC conversion.

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